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Rapid Prototyping, Injection Moulding, CNC Machining, Metal Casting, & Fabrication
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Over 100 years of combined engineering heritage to assist you with your project.
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Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Here at Hydrovern we can take you seamlessly from the early stages of design through rapid prototyping and development. We will utilise the very latest additive manufacturing solutions including FDM, SLS, SLA, Vacuum Casting, RIM, and CNC machining to manufacture prototypes so you can feel, touch, test and prove your creations prior to full production. Rapid Prototyping Case Study

Injection Moulding

Injection Moulding

Plastic injection moulding technology has advanced out of all recognition in recent decades, and Hydrovern has kept pace, building a stand-alone injection moulding section that’s more than a match for even the most complex and demanding engineering plastics components tasks.  Injection Moulding Case Studies

CNC Manufacturing

CNC Manufacturing

Hydrovern offer high-spec, precision engineered parts from many materials, including aluminium, steel, PP, ABS, and more. Very high standard CNC manufacturing at realistic costs and delivery times, combining our engineering know-how with key partners that can deliver in great timescales and for reasonable budgets.  CNC Manufacturing Case Studies

Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication

From specialist bracketry for under bonnet mountings, busbars and contacts for PHEV and Electric Vehicles to blastproof electronic enclosuress, here at Hydrovern we have vast experience of Metal Fabrication of components from Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper and Aluminium. Choose Hydrovern and enjoy our guarantee of high quality components, fast turnaround, and realistic value for money pricing. Metal Fabrication Case Studies

Metal Casting

Metal Casting

Hydrovern are highly experienced in metal casting, so whatever you need, I am sure we have a case study we can share with you to demonstrate our expertise. We pride ourselves on delivering amazing metal casting projects on time and on budget, working synergistically with our handful of personally chosen specialist partners. Metal Casting Case Study



We have a large assembly team geared up to hand-finishing projects and assembling items we have produced in-house, from runs of 100 through to 100,000’s per order. Each one adheres to our standards charter and our clients can also ask us to hold stock and arrange call-off’s when needed.

Creativity & Design Support

Hydrovern will provide the very best in traditional engineering design skills boosted and sharpened by the latest in 3D CAD software, giving you a winning head start in the speedy and economical production of components that do the job you want them to do straight from the press.

Whether you just have an idea that you wish to pursue or are at a more advanced stage, we can provide an appropriate level of design service to turn your project into a product that can be injection moulded, machined, cast, fabricated or otherwise in quantity.

Whatever you need along this process, we are more than happy to help, please just ask.

Just some of our happy clients

We value and treat every client the same, regardless of spend. We approach each project with individual special care and attention and it shows in what our clients say about us and how long we work as partners with them. Please get in touch to see what we can do for you.

The Hydrovern Heroes

Here at Hydrovern, we view all our long standing staff as heroes that handle our client projects with keen care and attention. We have staff that have worked for us for over 30 years and you can’t have a better endorsement than that.

But the other outstanding bunch of Heroes are of course our clients. We have brave clients that push the boundaries of engineering, and other clients that need to ensure that thousands of parts are produced in time and on budget, and every type of client in-between. All are heroes that keep Hydrovern flourishing and strong 37 years after first opening our doors.


Cost Effective

We know how to utilise the latest techniques and practices to ensure that each project is as cost-effective as possible for the client. We understand budget constraints and there will be no hidden surprises with us on any project. Open transparent quoting with no additional costs, unless amendments are agreed.


We like to stay at the forefront of production and design technologies to ensure that even the most perfect client brief can sometimes be slightly modified to produce an even better result. We work with our clients as partners to ensure a smooth and seamless relationship and production.


Here at Hydrovern, you will always speak to someone with the power to action your requests. You won’t be assigned a junior account manager, but either the MD or our Sales Engineer will manage your project and account. Both are highly skilled engineers with extensive in-depth knowledge that will be invaluable throughout the process.

Are you ready to take it to the next level?