From 2D Specs & 3D CAD to Finished Parts & Assemblies

Here at Hydrovern we provide the very best in traditional engineering design skills boosted and sharpened by the latest in 3D CAD software, giving you a winning head start in the speedy and economical production of components that do the job you want them to do straight from the press.


Whether you just have an idea that you wish to pursue or are at a more advanced stage, we can provide an appropriate level of design service to turn your project into a product that can be injection moulded.


We are happy to work in partnership with you from the beginning if required, and encourage initial design meetings to discuss the best materials and methods of production to match your budget. Likewise we are just as happy if you only need us to optimise your 3D CAD data in preparation for efficient tool design and production.


Whatever your specific requirements may be, by utilising our experience at this point on your route to market you will greatly reduce the risk of problems at the production stage, and effectively eliminate expensive remedial costs that would be necessary to put tooling right after it has been made.


We are happy to accept 2D spec drawings in .dxf, .dwg, .pdf , and .jpg formats.

We can accept/produce most formats of 3D Data to include .IGS, .STP, and .STL


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